Surviving the holiday season…in real life

Everywhere I turn at the moment I’m seeing tips and advice on how to survive the silly season, how to avoid over eating and how to avoid “bad” food and stick with “good” food options.

Here’s another way to approach the festive season…stop stressing! And stop categorising foods as good and bad. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a variety of foods regardless of its calorific value as long as it’s all in moderation.

Food plays an important role in many cultures and is the catalyst in creating memorable moments for families around the world. We mark events, celebrate milestones and support each other in times of need through the sharing of food. For some, meal times are the only time in the day to come together as a family, interact and share stories.

Christmas, for many, is the only time in the year that family members come together. Coming together and sharing food helps us bond and create memories. Sharing a meal is as much about connecting with those around you as it is about the food itself. Make the most of these moments by being IN THE MOMENT, don’t worry or stress about sticking to a diet, how many calories you’re consuming or the nutritional value of everything you eat. Instead, enjoy the company and make memories.

There are just four ingredients you need to measure out carefully to live a happy life. Physical Health, Mental and Emotional Health, Spiritual Health and Family and Social Health. Adequate and varied exercise and food are just one component of being well. This festive season why not focus on your Family and Social Health and enjoy spending time with one another…sharing food.

Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” I for one, cannot argue with that!

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