5 Reasons Why…Burpees Are Not Your Enemy

5 Reasons Why…Burpees Are Not Your Enemy 150 150 Orla

Do you find yourself involuntarily moaning and groaning as you attempt to get out of bed in the morning? Are strange noises leaving your body when you attempt to put on your socks? Then maybe it’s time to embrace burpees or “up/down” movements. 

It’s true to say that full on advanced style burpees are not for everyone. In fact they’re not for the majority of people, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t embrace movement that involves getting down to the floor and back up again.

As we age, what we once considered the simplest of tasks, can become a lot more challenging. We all want to stride into our later years strong and confident in body and mind, with the ability to perform daily tasks and activities without difficulty or fear. Mid-life is the time to assess how your body is functioning and what you might need to do, to help it move more effectively. The age old saying of “move it or lose it” holds a lot of truth and while fitness trends come and go, this simple theory has remained relevant. 

Here’s 5 reasons why it may be time for you to get down…and up again!

  1. Burpees are just a mash of several great exercises, squat, plank and optional push up and jump. Each of these movements on their own are fantastic for strengthening your legs, glutes, core, arms and shoulders. All of the muscles we need for bending down, standing up, lifting pushing and pulling. 
  2. Equipment isn’t necessary. Up/Down movements don’t require any equipment or weights, your own body weight will provide all the resistance you need. Resistance is good! It’s a major factor in building bone, muscle and joint strength. Strong muscles and bones equal a strong body that we can rely on.
  3. You can adjust as you need. Don’t compare yourself to others. If you have tight hips and a tight lower back your body will not be willing, or able, to get into a low squat position. Using a solid bench or chair to place you hands on as you step back and in, helps you ease into the full options. With time and practice you will increase your hip flexibility and range of movement.
  4. Up/Down movement strengthens your core resulting in improved balance and posture. Balance is our ability to stay upright and steady. It’s also our ability to correct if we trip or stumble and assists in our ability to break a fall, potentially reducing our chance of serious injury.
  5. Up down movement gets the blood flowing, literally. The heart will be forced to work harder to feed muscles of the upper and lower body. Breathing rate and heart rate increase which produces a cardio workout style affect. The heart is your most precious muscle, working it appropriately keeps it in peak condition. 

How to get started

As with all exercise, it’s important to consult a fitness professional before you begin. Let all of your fears and concerns be known so your trainer can give you the options that suit your body best. In no time at all you’ll be bouncing out of bed in the morning and moving without the involuntary moans and groans!

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