5 Reasons Why…Women Should Weight Train

5 Reasons Why…Women Should Weight Train 150 150 Orla

The days of women dominating the cardio section and men dominating the weights area of gyms has well and truely come to an end but for some women there still exists a resistance to resistance training.

This resistance and fear is often fuelled by a lack of knowledge or a past experience that has left you feeling nervous about picking up those dumbbells again.

My “5 Reasons Why” should help reassure you that weight training is for you and that it’s never to late to get started.

1. Weight training increases muscle mass

No, you will not “bulk up”. Ask anyone that’s ever tried to bulk up and you’ll realise pretty quickly that it doesn’t occur by accident. Weight training will increase your muscle mass which will make you stronger and give you a more toned look. Healthy muscles assist your body in moving more affectively, lessen your chance of injury and decrease pain caused by muscle weakness. Muscle mass decreases with age but strength/weight training can reverse this trend.

2. Your joints will love you for it

Weight training not only makes your muscles stronger but also strengthens your joints. When your joints are properly supported by stronger muscle, they are more likely to work correctly reducing the risk of injury and in some cases reducing pain that may already exist. Good flexibility and mobility isn’t just about stretching, it’s about strengthening too!

3. Weight training increases bone density

During resistance/weight training your bones are put under a form of stress. The bone reacts by changing in the form of increasing density. Denser bones are stronger bones. Weight bearing exercises are great for building and maintaining bone density and reducing your chance of developing osteoporosis especially as you age.

4. Weight training builds confidence

The link between physical and mental health is real. Building strength requires you to become aware of your body, how it feels and how it moves, not just during your workout but during everyday activities. Take moments during each workout to notice, first, when you feel challenged and later, how much stronger and in control you feel. Noting your progress by how you physically feel is a huge confidence builder. You can literally feel yourself getting stronger. This form of measuring success is far more motivating than tracking a number on a scales or counting calories.

5. You’re never too old, too weak or too uncoordinated to weight train

Ageing is your reason to start not your reason to stop. Adding resistance/weight training to your schedule will benefit you regardless of your age or ability. If you’ve never lifted a weight before then start with one or two personal training sessions so you can learn the basics before entering a group class or heading to the gym alone. If you’re taking part in group sessions make sure the trainer offers options and levels for people of all abilities. Only lift what you feel comfortable with and opt for body resistance when needed.

I cannot stress enough, how important good technique is when weight training. Poor technique and poor range of movement when lifting can result in injury but under the guidance of the right trainer, this won’t be a problem. If in doubt about how you are feeling when you move, be sure to chat with your trainer.

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