Six Weeks to Fitness Success

Six Weeks to Fitness Success 150 150 Orla

The lead up to Christmas can be stressful and tends to play havoc with our exercise regime. But how you tackle the next six weeks may have more of an impact on your holiday season and 2022 fitness goals than you think. Read on to make the most of 5 steps and six weeks to success!

It’s no secret that regular exercise reduces stress levels so every training session you take part in now, is more important than ever. Not only that but staying active now will give you a head start on your 2022 goals, and you won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch on January 1st.

Follow the five steps below to ensure you end your year on a high.

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Schedule Six Weeks of Workouts

The next six weeks are going to be busy so get organised and book your workouts into your diary. Treat your workouts like any other appointment, if something more important comes along, reschedule!

Plan your Meals every Week

Plan your meals and write your shopping list at the beginning of the week. Having all your ingredients at hand will help you stick to your meal plan, maintain a healthy diet and is also likely to save you a few Euro along the way.

Loose the Negativity

Beating yourself up over the workouts you didn’t do or the diet you didn’t stick to, will only drain you of motivation and energy. Every day is a new opportunity to give your body the nourishment it deserves through good food and exercise. Make the changes today.

Ditch the Scales

Unless you are monitoring your weight for medical reasons, Ditch the Scales! There are so many factors that affect our weight that it makes it a very unreliable way to track your progress. Measure your success by asking yourself these questions,

  1. Are my clothes fitting better after a few days of exercise and good nutrition?
  2. Do I feel happier after exercise?
  3. Do I feel stronger?
  4. Am I moving better?
  5. Have my energy levels increased?

Acknowledge the Wins

Take a moment to acknowledge the small wins such as completing a workout or making that meal that you didn’t think you had the energy to prepare. Celebrate the big wins, getting through a week of workouts or sticking to a week of meal plans, by rewarding yourself. Rewards might be food or drink based or booking time out for you and pampering yourself.

Soaking up those feel-good moments helps us to stay motivated into the future and when January 1st 2022 rolls round, we’ll hit the ground running!

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