Is Having a Six Pack Really That Important?

Is Having a Six Pack Really That Important? 150 150 Orla

The six pack – desired by many, however, it’s an elusive bugger of a goal.

But have you ever asked yourself how important having a six pack actually is? And are the sacrifices you will need to make really worth it?

For most of the population it really isn’t necessary to have washboard abs.

If, for instance, your top priorities look something like this,

1. Family
2. Kids
3. Friends
4. Career (*if you’re a professional Fitness Model or Body Builder then your career probably requires you to have a defined mid-section so stop reading now)
5. Finances
6. Physical and Mental Health
7. Get a Six Pack to show off on the beaches of tropical County Cork

Then you better be prepared to make some sacrifices in categories 1-6 because getting and keeping a six pack will demand a lot of time and planning. Ask yourself again, how important is it to you and is it really worth it?

The Facts

The fact is, we all have abs. It’s our body fat percentage that determines how clearly we can see them. Our abs are one of the groups of muscles that make up our core. We need a strong core because it provides us with stability and balance. Most importantly, a strong core will assist with injury prevention. Weak core muscles can result in poor posture and that is a major factor in lower back pain and discomfort.

So why are we led to believe that having visible or defined abs is some declaration of how amazingly fit we are? It is possible that the hard work and deprivation that goes into achieving this look, results in an individual wanting to show them off. And fair enough! But do you really need abs that you believe will be worthy of showing off?

If the answer is still yes, then you better be ready for some major lifestyle changes. Firstly, forget the weekend drinks and cheese boards. The sweet treat with your cup of tea or coffee. Being able to socialise with friends over a meal without mentally breaking down the calorific content of every mouthful. Secondly, if getting “ripped” is your priority, good luck switching off that nagging voice which will constantly be telling you to eat less and exercise more. What’s more, think about the effect that would have on all of those other priorities in your life.

Be Proud of Your Body

Rather than torment yourself with a goal that requires a huge amount of discipline and sacrifice, why not think of those muscles in a different way. The muscles that support your body and help you move. The muscles that reduce pain and discomfort. For post-natal women they are the muscles that helped support your growing baby.

Give your abs the attention they require to stay strong by way of a balanced and varied exercise plan. Ensure that plan incorporates core workouts. Eat a healthy balanced diet to feed those muscles, help them repair and stay strong. Be proud of having a healthy body. Above all else, remember that a six pack, is not the ultimate measure of good physical and mental health.

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